O nobly born, listen well:

You are now witnessing the magical dance of forms.

Ecstatic kaleidoscopic patterns explode around you.

All possible shapes come to life before you eyes.

The retinal circus.

The ceaseless play of elements -

Earth, water, air, fire,

In ever-changing forms and manifestations,

Dazzles you with its complexity and variety.

Relax and enjoy the rushing stream.

Do not become attached to any vision or revelation.

Let everything flow through you.

If unpleasant experiences come,

Let them flit by with the rest.

Do not struggle against them.

It all comes from within you.

This is the great lesson in the creativity and power of the brain, freed from

its learned structures.

Let the cascade of images and associations take you where it will.

Meditate calmly on the knowledge that all these visions are emanations of

your own consciousness.

This way you can obtain self-knowledge and be liberated.